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How to Not Lose Your Domains


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Domain security is important for any domain owner, but especially so for domain investors and businesses. Without proper protection, your domain name could be vulnerable for hijackers and impersonators who can steal it away from your account, leaving you little, if any, recourse to get it back We’re here to help you protect your domains from fraud or theft by introducing you to the domain industry’s best security practices. There are default security methods that come standard with every domain purchase, and others that can be implemented for extra domain security. Register your domain name in your own account Whoever is listed as the Organizational Contact for a domain name for all intents and purposes, owns the domain. Any changes to a domain (including renewal or transfer) will need to use the contact information associated with the domain, so keep it current. Use a strong password This goes for the email you used to register the domain as well as the registrar account. If someone is able to get into your email, many times they have access to all your valuable accounts. Turn on Auto-Renewal If you’re able to, renew your domains for several years in advance. You’ll have the peace of mind of not having to think about renewal for a long time. Even if you transfer your domain to another registrar later, the registration time paid for is not lost. Lock it up The process to transfer your domain from one registrar to another requires that the domain be unlocked, so this provides a bit of extra protection, should someone try to hijack your domain name. Protect your Registrar Account with Domain Privacy & Protection Having your personal information available with your domain is an open invitation to salespeople, con artists, spammers and more. This is an easy way to safeguard your personal information. Taking the short amount of time required to set up security measures that protect your domains is well worth the effort. Developing strong cybersecurity habits is key to protecting your most valuable assets and information online. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently protect your domain assets and focus on making the most out of your domains.

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