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GoDaddy's Domain Buy Service


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When you sign up for our Domain Buy Service, we go to work for you. We act as your personal advisor throughout the domain buy process. You decide your budget. Our market experts will assess the domain. If it's outside your budget, we'll work with you to adjust your budget or help you find another great domain. If we reach a deal, we'll acquire the domain for you. Your identity is unknown to the seller until the domain is in your account and ready to be put to use. And, we won't release any funds to the seller until we have control of the domain. So what's the cost? As a Domain Buy customer, you pay a one-time advisor fee and if you get the domain, there's a 20% fee based on the sale price of the domain. That's it! So if you really want a particular domain, partner with our highly-specialized and experienced domain experts. Then sit back and relax while your personal domain advisor goes to work!

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