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How to Make a Website with GoDaddy


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This video will help you with all the steps for making and launching a beautiful website. Step 1: Get an account Sign up for an account to set up your website. Step 2: Choose a name and category for your website Type in what you want to call your site, and choose a category to set up basic features. Step 3: Select a theme Choose your colors, fonts, and configure the look and feel for your site from a curated set of options and images. You can always add your own and adjust the look and feel later if your needs change. Step 4: Configure your domain name and site settings. Configure your domain name (what someone types into their browser to find your site on the web), and connect your site to your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc). Step 5: Add content to your website homepage Customize your site header image from either your own photos or select from included stock photos, add a logo, and set up your homepage text. Step 6: Make additional website pages for services Add pages for deeper parts of the site like a price list, reviews, customer stories, an “About Us” page, menu, thought leadership, or a photo gallery. Step 7: Additional features Add sections to pages for displaying pricing information, managing appointments, posting photos, sharing videos, connecting with other social sites, or providing contact information for your site. Step 8: Preview and publish Take a look at the website, and make sure it looks the way you want it to when it displays either on a computer or on a smartphone (since an increasing number of website visitors are visiting sites from their mobile devices). Then, click the publish button and the website will be live on the web. You did it. Congrats! Step 9: Monitor traffic and performance Track traffic and website performance, and explore SEO and other options like adding email marketing capabilities to the site. ---------- Want to go in-depth on the A-to-Z of how to make a website? Our online eBook is here:

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