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How to Change Fonts on Your GoDaddy Website Builder Website


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Most of the text on your GoDaddy Website Builder website or online store can be formatted using a variety of styles and list conventions. Step 1: In the GoDaddy Website Builder designer, click Edit. Step 2: Go to the section or page that contains the body text you want to format and select the text. The selected text appears in this editing window, and can be styled as bold, italics, or underlined. You can also group text in numbered or bulleted lists. Step 3: To apply a style or make a list, in the editing window, select the word or words and click the button at the top of the window. You can apply multiple styles to the same piece of text. Step 4: Repeat until your text looks the way you want it to. All your changes are automatically saved. Step 5: Click Preview to see how your changes look on a computer and a mobile phone. Step 6: Like what you see? Click Publish! Or click Edit to go back and continue working on your website. Note that the directions in this video explain how to change the style of body text only. Your site’s titles and headings are altered using Themes.

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