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Google Analytics for your Business


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If you understand where your website visitors are coming from, what pages they’re visiting and how long they’re spending on a page, you can tweak your website to make it more effective for your business. This video is here to help you overcome the challenges of getting started with Google Analytics so you’re confident in using this amazing tool to get insights into your website’s performance. What exactly is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google. It enables website owners to gain insights into how users find and use their website. Google Analytics is about more than counting simple clicks and pageviews. Why use Google Analytics? You’ve probably heard people tell you that you need to track your website’s traffic at some point. There are many different traffic analyzing tools available online but Google Analytics is free and it’s one of the very best. It offers the in-depth ability to track a visitor’s behavior, their demographics, how much you’re selling, what other sites are sending traffic to you, etc. All of the data you need is gathered in real-time, broken down into different areas, think traffic sources, user behavior and more. It’s displayed in a dashboard filled with charts and pie graphs to help you visualize your website’s progress. For website owners who don’t use a content management system like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla — or if you’re comfortable with copying and pasting a little code — there are just a few easy steps to getting started with Google Analytics. Setting up Google Analytics is straightforward. Start by going to and registering for a free account. Once you set up your free account, create a new analytics tracking property. Choose the website you want to track. Next, choose your account name and website name, and add the URL of your website. You should also pick your industry category. Now that you have the basics set up, get a Tracking ID and keep this code handy. You’ll need to place this tracking code on every page on your website. As a best practice, you’ll also want to ensure you have demographic and remarketing turned on, which you’ll find in your account settings. The next, most important step in Google Analytics, is to establish and understand your goals and goal values. These are activities that users and prospective customers take that have value and meaning to your company. There’s a lot of information in this video, from how to use Google Analytics and why you need it, to getting started with Google Analytics, setting up goals and even some tips on how to increase website traffic. Hopefully, you now have a basic understanding of how to use Google Analytics to improve your website’s performance. It’s time to install Google Analytics, poke around this amazing tool to learn everything it has to offer and begin measuring your website’s performance. Then, use this data to create a better experience for your site’s visitors and increase website traffic. The Journey is what everyday entrepreneurs, like you, need to follow in the pursuit of online success. Our experienced GoDaddy Guides are here to take you through all the steps, both big and small, that you encounter every day.

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